We can speak about ourselves non-stop. Here are some highlights!

We are authentic Romanians. And we are proud of it!

We come from the region of Bucovina, more exactly from Radauti, the place where the company AutoBoca Rent a car was set up in 2008.

At that moment, just like now, we wanted an honest and reliable car rental service, both for Romanians and for the people visiting our country. We had been in the position of disappointed clients, therefore we knew what was lacking and what had to be improved in this process in order to bring it value.

Therefore, we set up a 100% Romanian Capital Company which, before aiming at profit, aims at its clients‘ needs.

In time, our friends and acquaintances (our first clients) asked for more cars, so we have gradually increased our car fleet and locations all over the country, at present having 13 AutoBoca locations all over Romania.

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We have no hidden costs. You will know in advance what you pay for and why you pay!

You can always count on us for prompt and reliable services at affordable prices. You can count on us for transparency of costs: you will know in advance how much it costs you, so that you can plan your budget and see exactly where your money goes, that is to say we will explain each cost separately for each service.

In addition, throughout the year, we have special offers so that we can deliver a solution as convenient as possible for you, whenever you choose to come to Romania.

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We are all over Romania, 24/7. Wherever you are.

We have everything necessary to be wherever you are: anywhere in Romania. You can pick up and drop off the car in any city in Romania you want, at any time, day or night. If you choose a city where we have no office, let us know by phone and we will notify you of the costs involved.
Moreover, you can rent our car to travel abroad, on the territory of the EU.

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We have quality cars. And diversity.

Our fleet is diverse and continuously increasing, in order to be able to offer you exactly the car you want and you need. We have understood that when you come to Romania you want to feel like at home, therefore purchasing quality cars has become our top priority.

We provide you extra services. For extra comfort.

We have not forgotten that, in addition to quality and price, comfort is also very important to you. To travel without any worries all over our country, rely on our additional services we have created for you: insurance, GPS, internet access etc.

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We keep our word. We give you everything we promise!

We are aware that our company can develop only if we treat our customers with respect and honesty, so all that we want is to meet your satisfaction, from the moment you rent the car and until you drop it off. Sometimes we add even something extra. If we promise something, be sure we keep our promise!

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Welcoming cars. And Romanian hospitality.

We greet you with the notorious Romanian hospitality every time you come to visit our country as a guest from abroad.
And because we want to introduce you to our authentic spirit, we have turned our traditional clothes into a job suit, and we have included the Romanian traditional belt into our visual identity.

In addition, especially for you, our foreign guest, we have selected “welcoming cars” to hit the road to visit Romania.

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We care about Romania. And about Romanians.

We try to expand our mission beyond our activity, because we care about our country, Romania.

We try to get involved actively in social projects developed to support children, old persons, cancer patients or to build monasteries and churches.

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And now that we’ve known each other better, let’s hit the road together!