We are Autoboca team. Pleased to meet you!

Echipa Autoboca

We are indeed a team, in the true meaning of the word. We enjoy working together and making big plans which we accomplish all together. We are exactly like a large family. As Romanians are.


To get an idea about how we really are, namely warm and happy people, we thought of introducing ourselves as originally as possible: we wrote a few words about ourselves, just as we felt.

​Constantin Boca

Constantin Boca

Founder & CEO

Since I was a child I have always wanted a united family, as I often missed the warmth and harmony that one can find only within a true family.

Having experienced various discomforts and shortcomings, I developed a deep maturity and I have always known what I wanted: to supply for all those shortcomings. Not only for me and my family, but also for other people finding themselves in situations similar to those experienced by me.

With this strong desire I entered the whirl of life, completed by a highly accountable spirit and trust that I could succeed through honest hard work and passion.

Being an inborn visionary, I have constantly nourished these beliefs, and the entrepreneurial spirit has always contributed to my self-improvement. However, all the things mentioned were not enough: life taught me that the lack of knowledge could often be critical and that only a good self-taught person could compensate for the lack of information.

I have acquired the skill to relate to people without even having in mind this aim. I have always known that I should treat the people surrounding me just like I would like to be treated, and this belief has proven me that respect leads in its turn to respect.

Along time, I have succeeded in gathering around me people with a beautiful character, who shared the same life principles, I have succeeded in teaching them to believe in themselves, in helping them develop and give them responsibility, so that in the end I could feel the joy of seeing them turn into professionals.

Now I am proud to have next to me true people, with a beautiful character, showing care to our clients and partners and a complete desire to make a difference! We, together, are the Autoboca family.

We are here because we love what we do, and even more, because we want to give to those who cross our threshold more than mobility solutions.

E-mail: costi.boca@autoboca.ro

Alina Boca

Alina Boca

Human Resources Manager

Since childhood I have enjoyed people. People and words. With them I used to create and recreate my world constantly. Back then it was easy: words said “let’s play as queens!” and I had barely closed my eyes when our tent, made of a blanket thrown over 6 chairs nicely lined, became in a magical way the greatest palace of the kingdom.

I strongly believed in my ideas and their power to draw the others into my world, because we spoke the same language, that of childhood.

When I grew up I noticed that people became more and more reluctant. Although my castle reached very high, having at its base the greatest dreams, people did not want to enter it. They were tricked by the guardians of other castles who deluded them with various promises. But they did not stay in one place, I could see them only enter and get out, as if they were looking for something. I entered that whirl myself, trying to find out what people were looking for.

Now I know how things are, although some people still do not understand. And I do not want to unveil it for them. In return, I will invite them again in my tent. However, before this I will destroy it. Yes! And I will ask them help me built it together. When we finish it, our tent will not be only a tent. Not even a castle. It will be a “home”. And it will be for all of us, because we will become a family.

E-mail: alina.boca@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 031.810.4254

Nichi Boca

Nichi Boca

General Manager

As a faithful supporter of the Christian values, I had the bad fortune of experiencing some critical professional disappointments, and Autoboca appeared in my life at a very appropriate moment.

Being a new professional area for me, the first two years proved to be more than a challenge: a tough beginning, which has shaken me just as I needed. I had a difficult journey, with many stumbles, multiple trials, memorable failures. From naivety based on too much trust in people, I have reached the maturity to make a difference between ideals and opportunities well anchored in reality.

Autoboca has offered me the trust I needed, has created the favorable context to rediscover myself and to develop multilateral skills and competences which I apply today in the various projects in which I am involved.

In my turn, I put my heart and soul into our activity and I devoted myself to each stage of the company’s development, from the establishment of the first office up to strategic decisions, such as the development of a new branch of activity: operational leasing.

I have evolved together with Autoboca and, of course, we still have a lot of things to discover together!

E-mail: nichi.boca@autoboca.ro

Aura Vultur

Aura Vultur

Financial Analyst

About me as a professional: I am an ambitious persons, impulsive, extremely attentive to details in order to adapt to the discussions with business partners and always willing to learn new things

What represents me as a person: I am extremely realistic, sincere and sometimes amusing

My hero/my favourite character: Robert Downey Jr.

My spare time: I enjoy listening to music, reading and walking

My ideal place: to live by the seaside

My great passion: cars and motorbikes

Motto: "Always do what you are afraid to do." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

E-mail: aura.vultur@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0755.032.994

Alexandru Huțanu

Alexandru Huțanu

Agency Manager, Suceava Office

About me as a professional: my employment with AutoBoca came as a challenge, at a moment when the only convergence between this area and my previous activity had been the interaction with clients. However, I let myself guided by how I would have wanted myself to be treated as a client, putting my heart and soul into all my activities. Being an idealist person, I prefer the simple and clear things, which I want to accomplish in a perfect manner in order to be satisfied by my work. As years passed by, I have understood that the most important is to enjoy what you do and to remember to behave humanely!

What represents me as a person: “We are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal”.

Sincere, confident and always optimistic. I am a calm person (except in traffic), but I am also impulsive and many times I say things I should not have said. I like being organized, each thing at its place even if it’s a mess.

My hero/my favourite character: the one who is a role model, the one who does not forget to behave humanely!

My spare time: I spend it in the company of the loved ones, trying to relax while walking or watching a movie, eating good food accompanied by a matched drink.

My ideal place: the mountains. Nearby the woods, enjoying tranquility and fresh air.

My great passion: TV series, a lot of series; Music: Let there be House; Travelling: minimum 2 persons .

Motto: “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”

E-mail: alex.hutanu@autoboca.ro/suceava@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0735.848.460

Alin Brujban

Alin Brujban

Rental Adviser, Otopeni Airport Office

About me as a professional: Ambitious, organized, persevering, I try to exceed my limits in everything I do; initiative; I have been working in the motor vehicle business since 2008

What represents me as a person: I have many principles that I try to observe both in my private and in my professional life; I try to learn new things from each experience.

My hero/my favourite character: I do not have any hero, I just admire the persons who reach their goals in life

My spare time: Family, friends, movies, walks/trips, cooking

My ideal place: A house by the seaside, on a remote beach

My great passion: Cars, motorbikes & sports

Motto: "If at first you don't succeed, use a bigger hammer!"

E-mail: otopeni@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0755.032.507

Albu Ciprian

Albu Ciprian

Rental Adviser, Bacau Office

I have joined the AutoBoca family on September 17, 2012.

About me as a professional: modest and hardworking;

What represents me as a person: hopeless optimist and very joyful, and also extremely talkative: I could describe the world in 48 hours without stopping from talking; as a result I received a funny nickname, but I will tell it to you only personally.

My hero/my favourite character: Jason Statham

My spare time: I would love to cook non-stop; I worked for 2 years as a cook in an Irish-style pizza restaurant and I discovered that I am not only a gourmand but I also enjoy cooking delicious recipes; my partner is more than happy about it.

My ideal place: at home, with my Piticot;

My great passion: cooking;

Motto: „ KIS”- keep it simple.

E-mail: Ciprian.albu@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0755.032.507

Daniel Chirvase

Daniel Chirvase

Agency manager, Bucharest Office

About me as a professional: dedicated to the professional activity, accurate, sometimes “annoyingly” organized (an influence of the Libra sign), open to team work, sociable (without exceeding certain limits);

What represents me as a person: very attached to family and close friends, great admirer of sports; I like to believe that I am admired and appreciated by many people; I must admit I do have flaws (out of too much self-admiration I will not mention them) .

My hero/my favourite character: my father.

My spare time: family, family, family … and some sports.

My ideal place: many time I intermingle with tranquility, therefore I would like to imagine a day on a deserted island – me and myself.

My great passion: definitely sports.

Motto: Make efforts to do today what you cannot do today!

E-mail: bucuresti@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0735.531.118


Ionuţ Daneliuc

Agency Manager, Radauti Office

I have joined the AutoBoca family in April 2001.

Education: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Management.

About me as a professional: honest, devoted, impulsive, alert rhythm

What represents me as a person: I conciliate everyone

My hero: Father Arsenie Boca ("Do good deeds and in return wait for bad deeds.” / “Inside a twisted mind even a good thing gets twisted")

My spare time: family, movies, travels;

My ideal place: a house in the mountains;

My great passion: travelling.

Motto: “I am not smart, but when I look around me I get my courage up” – Ion Creanga

E-mail: radauti@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0744.274.445


Marian Ghiniţă

Agency Manager, Bacau Office

About me as a professional: dedicated, involved, ambitious, creative, positive;

What represents me as a person: lawful person, inflexible character, generosity, Leo Zodiac Sign;

My hero/my favourite character: Robert de Niro (also born in the Leo Zodiac Sign);

My spare time: family, nature, travels, sports, gaming;

My ideal place: never alone

My great passion: domestic architecture;

Motto: „Great success by great risks!”

E-mail: marian.ghinita@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0755.032.761


Robert Răducanu

Managing Director

I have joined the AutoBoca family more than 3 years ago, and since 2 years I have been a Managing Director.

About me as a professional: honest, devoted, with initiative, impulsive, alert rhythm, strong will, performance driven, control and coordination.

What represents me as a person: lawful character and the quote "There is nothing impossible to him who will try." (Alexander the Great).

My hero: Steve Jobs – a visionary and creative genius, a mentor who developed an empire, born long before his times.

My spare time: family, movies, sports, travels;

My ideal place: a house by the seaside;

My great passion: sports or "Mens sana in corpore sano."

Motto: "The job of a professional manager is not to like people. It is not to change people. It is to put their strengths to work." Alfred P Sloane, ex-CEO General Motors

E-mail: robert.raducanu@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0735.877.857

Cristian Zavoiu

Cristian Zavoiu

Rental Adviser Otopeni Office

About me as a professional: I am ambitious, sociable and stubborn when it comes to work that has to be perfect.

What represents me as a person: Due to my experience in distinct work fields, I am passionate about travel, big and powerful cars. I also enjoy quite a lot James Bond action movies.

My hero/My favourite character: My grandmother.

Pets: cats

My ideal place: Driving on the open road.

Motto: "If I’m thrown out the door, I’ll sneak back through the window."

E-mail: cristi.zavoiu@autoboca.ro

Telephone:(004) 0757.06.71.83

And now that we have known each other better, let’s hit the road together!