• Simona M., Lugano

    I chose this company for their reliability. I am happy with the cars rented and the agent who delivered the car at the airport.

  • Cezar Nechita

    One of the cheapest car on this class. Impressed. Really nice agents. Mechanically speaking, the car was great. (VW Jetta, rented in Iasi, in perioada 06.03.2019 – 13.03.2019)

  • Raluca Balan

    Darius BORA (Cluj) very helpful and reliable, he suggested us a new region to visit, so we came back after 1 year and do not regret. We appreciate your quick response, being pickedup at the airport and by leaving. (Dacia Logan, rented in Cluj Napoca, 14 days, in the period 22.08.2019 – 05.09.2019)

  • Emre Duru

    My next time I will rent a car by AutoBoca. (VW Jetta, rented in Iasi, 4 days in the period 10.04.2019 – 14.04.2019)

  • Laura Gordas

    The car and services met our requirements perfectly. The staff was very helpful and friendly. We picked up the car immediately. There was no waiting time. The drop off was really quick. We encountered Bogdan just before the entrance to the airport and left the keys to him. It was extremely quick as we had Casco insurance and no check up was required. The car was very clean. It was in perfect conditions. The engine was pretty strong and this was helpful during our trip. Very easy to find, inside the airport building, right at the exit. Will you contact us in the future? Most certainly when I will be in Iaşi/ Bucharest again! (Citroen C-Elysee rented in Iasi city, in the period 02.09. 2018 – 12.09.2018)

  • Derek Macphail

    Great car for the price! AutoBoca agents? Courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Minimal fuss and car was there ready, paperwork and examination was simple, correct and well organized. No problem at all. Cleanliness of the car? Spotless inside and out. Great car, VW Jetta. Was met at the airport, simple and effective. One of the best car hire companies I have ever dealt with. I have traveled extensively, and hired cars all over the world, this is up there with the very best of them. Unlikely to go elsewhere in Transylvania after such a positive experience. It would be a pleasure for my comments to be shared, you should be proud of your service. (VW Jetta rented in Targu Mures, 7 days of rent, 30.09.2018 – 07.10.2018)

  • RWS Construzioni SRL

    Our collaborators are very clever to explain all that we need to know. (Opel Astra Automat, rented in Iași, 4 days of rent, in the period 16.10. 2018 – 20.10.2018)

  • Tamas Norbert Borsos

    I use to rent a car often in Romania and I can tell that that it was the best experience compared to other companies. (VW Jetta, rented in Otopeni airport, 4 days of rent, in the period 10.12. 2018 – 14.12.2018)

  • Mueller-Nordhoff Thomas

    Best prices. Most friendly service ever seen. It’s not possible to be faster! Ultrafast, perfect. Car state? Like new, only 13.800 km. I strongly recommend to use Autoboca, BEST SERVICE EVER. (VW Jetta remted in Cluj Napoca 3 days, 09.03.2018 – 12.03.2018)

  • Mullin Orlaith

    Very good value for money. Excellent. No problems. Very efficient. No problems with instructions given by the office in Bucharest and a phone call from the Cluj office. No hesitation in recommending to others. Without a doubt. The customer service was the best we experienced from any car hire company and we've used a few in our time. (Suzuki Vitara rented in Baneasa Bucharest, in the period 03.09. 2018 – 10.09.2018)

  • Sajad Nawaz

    Satisfied with the value for money? Very. Alex was very nice spoke English made me feel welcome like friends. Explained the process at. I phoned Alex and asked what was available and the proceeded to book on the internet. Your staff were more than excellent. There customer service was excellent and most welcoming. Very clean car. Technical state of the car? Everything was good. Will you contact us in the future? Yes – Next time I come over to Romania from UK. I was a little unease renting a car in Romania- Buy the extra insurance to cover your excess as the road and driving conditions are poor compared to UK. (Suzuki Vitara rented in Suceava, car rented for 6 days, 20.09.2018 – 25.09.2018)

  • Douglas Hill

    Car drop off at our hotel - very efficient; Felt like a new car! Technical state of the car? AS NEW! Would you recommend us to others? Absolutely. Reliable and good value. (VW Jetta rented in Baneasa Bucharest, in the period 22.06. 2018 – 11.07.2018)

  • Burton Timothy

    A friendly, smiling, English-speaking member of staff. The process took a little longer than we expected. Very efficient. (Skoda Rapid rented in Suceava city, in the period 23.06. 2018 – 04.07.2018)

  • Rolland Altfather

    Top! Positively surprised! Greetings to Tudor! Time spent picking and dropping off the car? Unusual quickly & professional! Cleanliness and technical state of the car? Perfect! Would you recommend us to others? Always!! Good bye sixt, avis, eurocar & others. (VW Jetta rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 07.06.2018 – 12.06.2018)

  • Herve Moreels

    Perfect. The agent was very nice with us. Very quick picking/dropping the car. The car was very clean. All was perfect. The office is located very closed to the airport. The agent was waiting for us at the airport. Would you recommend us to others? Definitely yes! (VW Polo Automat, Cluj Napoca, 4 days of rent, 27.04.2018 – 01.05.2018)

  • Maria Apetri

    Mr Ilies is a very kind, nice and smiling person. A sign in my name was on the counter. Mr Ilies was waiting for me in front of the terminal (AutoBoca agent in Iasi). Perfectly clean. (VW Jetta rented in Iasi, 4 days of rent, 24.04.2018 – 28.04.2018)

  • Mark Georgi

    Very happy with the price. Personal thanks to Alex Hutanu, who was the agent at the airport as he was extremely kind, caring and professional. He kept in touch and coordinated with me prior to the collection and return of the car by calling me and sending sms. Again, Alex was very polite and professional. Very efficient, considering we were running late for our flight. Again, Alex Hutanu was very quick, efficient and professional. The car was clean and tidy and appeared to be freshly cleaned for me. The VW Jetta had a small 1.2 petrol engine that struggled a bit on the steep climbs, but on the other hand was fast when needed and very economical. I had never before driven a car with such a small engine, but was very pleased with its performance considering its size and power. Managed over 1200 km on one tank! The airport is very small and the office was easy to find. On top of that, Alex Hutanu had called and messaged me the day before the trip and it was nice to know that I was expected. Would you recommend us to others? Absolutely! In the future, I will look for Autoboca every time I travel to Romania. (VW Jetta rented in Suceava, 9 days of rent, 18.05.2018 – 27.05.2018)

  • Marco Jahn

    Very good value, new gar in exzellent condition; Guys are very helpful, Great Service!; Everything was prepared, just a des Signaturen ans i was on the road; Very quick service; Car was clean and new; Would you recommend us to others? Sure, No question. (VW Jetta rented in Otopeni airport, 7 days, 07.04.2018 – 13.04.2018)

  • Stefania Murariu

    Our office? Easy to find and pleased about services I received. I will recommend Autoboca Rent a car with no doubts. (Suzuki Vitara rented in Otopeni, 10 days, 03.03.2018 – 13.03.2018)

  • Nevada Armstrong Smith

    Fair. AB personal? They spent time making sure I was happy. Nice treatment, fair in assessment and very quick sorting money and deposit. …what about the car? Very nice, good technical state for the model. Would you recommend us to others? YES. (Suzuki Vitara rented in Cluj Napoca city, 5 days, 06.04.2018 – 11.04.2018)

  • Francesc Germain

    Excellent value for money. The agent was really gentle and we really appreciate that he waited for us so late in the night. Everything easy, fast and efficient. Again, everything easy and efficient. The car cannot be cleaner! The car was almost new and in perfect state. The location is easy to find and close to the airport (Autoboca Cluj office). I will recommend your services. Whenever I come again to Romania I would contact again. (VW Jetta rented in Cluj Napoca, 9 days car rent, 24.03.2018 – 01.04.2018)

  • Andrei Vulpe

    Great water offered while signing all the documents. NEW car, excellent drive! (VW Jetta rented in Otopeni, 13 days car rent, 16.03.2018 – 29.04.2018)

  • Frederick Shelby

    2017 VW for a great price! Office staff was friendly and spoke English well! Cleanliness of the car? Perfect! Technical state of the car? PERFECT! What do you think of the rent a car office? Very easy to find. The shuttle even took us back to the hotel. Not required on their part but much appreciated. Would you recommend us to others? These guys were great. Highly recommend, especially to Americans visiting the area! (VW Jetta rented in Bucharest in the period 1.09 – 06.09 2017)

  • Juliette Bucaille

    Darius (Autoboca agent) waited for us at the airport and was very helpful and friendly. Time spend when you dropped off the car? Quick and easy! The car was very clean and smelled nice. No complaints. Absolutely will recommend the company to French friends visiting Cluj! Next time I’m visiting Cluj and its region, I will rent from Autoboca again. We were very satisfied with the service! (Suzuki Vitara rented in Cluj Napoca city in the period 01.01 – 06.01.2018)

  • Constantin Florin

    Extremely satisfied! Will contact us to others? Most probably! Can we publish your answers on our site? I dare you not to . Best company ever, Darius from Cluj was incredibly helpful and polite. Well done Mr. Boca! (VW Jetta rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 28.12 – 04.01.2018)

  • Thomas Mueller-Nordhoff

    Best service I've ever seen, not only in Romania - WORLDWIDE! Time when you picked/dropped off the car? Very fast and even faster! Clean car? Perfect! Would you recommend us to others? Sure! (Skoda Rapid rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 27.01 – 29.01.2018)

  • Emeric Bartalus

    Impressions on the value for money? Was the BEST offer on the market. Personal in our office? Nice person! (Renault Trafic rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 23.10 – 26.10.2017)

  • Noah Amar

    Time spent when you picked/dropped out/off the car? All the contracts were printed and prepared in advance so the time at pick up was very fast. The whole thing including checking the car and cancelling the deposit was done fast and efficiently taking only a few minutes. The car was very clean both inside and out. The car was NEW and had no problems. I will definitely reccomend autoboca and will use it again in the future. Thr agents were very nice and helpful with every question/problem/request we had and they even drove us back home at the end of the rental so we wouldn't have to take a taxi. (Dacia Lodgy rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 08.12 – 10.12.2017)

  • Basel Ababneh

    Value for the money? Worth every cent! Our agents? A very friendly reception in the airport and a very friendly personal service! Time spent when you dropped off the car? Fast and efficient! How clean was the car? Mint condition! I would recommend Autoboca to others who visit Cluj! (VW Polo automat, rented in Cluj Napoca in the period 20.12 – 22.12.2017)

  • Nicholas Charles Grinham

    Happy with our agents? EXCELLENT, Cristi was friendly and helpful. Time spend picking out the car? Very efficient! Opinions on the office? We were picked up from JW Marriot. (VW Polo, rented in Bucharest Baneasa in the period 23.10 – 27.10.2017)

  • Johanna Anna Maria Teurlings

    “Friendly guys, but the room could be improved.” “Very quick” – picking and dropping the car – Cleanliness of the car? “Excellent!” Would you recommend us to others? “We were driven to the airport in the same car so we did not even have to unpack the car, which saves some time! Good service! (Suzuki Vitara, rented in Bucharest Otopeni airport in the period 2.10 – 8.10.2017)

  • Damian John Makim

    How about our renting office? Your agents in Iasi and Bucharest where very courteous and most helpfull great assett to your business particularly the young bloke from Iasi who' was fluent in english. (VW Polo, rented in Iasi in the period 23.12 – 26.12.2017)

  • Douglas Gleeson

    Very with my experience overall! Extremely happy! The staff that I dealt with in Iasi were simply great! And very easy to speak with. I appreciate that they both dealt with me in English. Good on them!!! :))) …Car was clean! No complaints! How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? - Was much easier than I expected! The gentleman was waiting for me and had me spotted straight away. Fair play to him! Would you recommend us to others? DEFINITELY! Will contact us in the future? Without a doubt! (Hyundai I20 rented in Iasi – Renting period 1 – 4 Iunie 2017)

  • Martin Small

    Very satisfied! An excellent car for the money! Very quick and efficient – the car was all ready and waiting for me! - (Citroen C-Elysee rented in Suceava in period 25 May – 2 June 2017)

  • Barry Gleeson

    Excellent service and staff and value for money, very happy, highly recommended. I really appreciated the late pick up – my flight was late and the guy who waited said it was no problem - (Suzuki Vitara rented in Otopeni airport in period 9 – 17 February 2017)

  • Mr. Aharon Tabibi

    Excellent service! Near airport OTP in Bucharest Very easy! It’s a great location. - (Citroen C-Elysee rented in Otopeni airport in the period 8th to 10th of June 2017)

  • Biana Nudelman

    Very good car – Very good service! Thank you! - (VW Polo rented in Bucharest Otopeni airport in period 18 – 26 July 2017)

  • Aurelian Vasile Lazarut

    Friendly staff! Good value for the money! Spotless car – car in “all in great order”! Would you recommend us to others? I did already. - (Hyundai Elantra rented in Otopeni airport in period 25 – 28 May 2017)

  • John

    Would you recommend us to others? Yes definitely! Will you contact us in the future? Yes of course! - (Citroen C-Elysee rented in Suceava in the period 12 – 19 April 2017)

  • Daniele Vignola

    Excellent service from the pick-up from the airport, assistance over the week I rented the car. The staff is professional and extremely helpful with any kind of issues. I was pleasantly surprised by the service and I will certainly use their service again in the future and recommend it - (Hyundai I20 rented in Otopeni airport in period 3 – 10 March 2017)

  • Alexandru Ioniţă

    Excelent! Very pleased! (Suzuki Vitara rented in Bucharest – The renting period is 8 - 15 March 2017)

  • Adam Charles Spearpoint

    The cars are in excellent state! BRAVO Autoboca! 5 Stars - (Hyundai l20 rented in Botosani)

  • Ionut Jinga

    Quality people! 5 Stars - (Dacia New Logan rented in Iasi – dropped off in Cluj Napoca)

  • Valentin Dragomir

    Excellent! Very pleased! Quick and efficient! Professionalism! 5 Stars - (VW Jetta rented in Bucharest)

  • Vladut Popov

    Super good car, at a super price! 5 Stars (VW Jetta rented in Bucharest Otopeni airport)

  • Mihăiţă L., Adjud

    The last time when I rented from Autoboca company was in September 2013 and I can say that I was satisfied both with the condition of the car and the services offered by them. That is why for this year’s holiday I also chose their services. Thank you!

  • David E., Ashdod

    What I appreciated: the convenient price, the reliability of the staff dealing with my order, the readiness in dealing with the order and the promptness of their answers in our e-mail conversations.

  • Radu H., Whitby

    Package of services with transparent price without any hidden costs, easy reservation and professional services. I always find an automatic gearbox car in Radauti, the place where I usually come on holiday.

  • Emil B., Wakefield

    Why trouble myself with a company I have not collaborated with before, where you enter the door and a distant secretary treats you as everyone else, reads some standard points etc., when I can call the ones from Autoboca or send an email and solve everything in a few minutes? I already know them and they also know me, therefore there is no sense in going to others.

  • Ciprian C., Bacău

    I appreciate them because they also have an agency in Bacau … Therefore, even if I arrive at Otopeni Airport and I pick up the car from Bucharest, I keep in touch with Dan from Bacau. My mother-in-law goes there to pay the advance.

  • Dănuţ B., Atena

    It is a reliable company and, whenever I made a phone call to the company when I rented a car, they answered me at any hour and they were friendly, even if it was late at night.

  • Sterică C., Oneşti

    I like the fact that they offered me an alternative to what I had chosen and they came with special offers/bonuses. Moreover, I was delighted that they answered quickly to my request and, until the contract was finished, we had a very friendly and competent dialogue which shaped my choice and convinced me of the reliability of the company. I also saw on forums many references which made me choose them and I am very happy with the services received: punctuality at delivery/reception and high quality of the rented car.

  • Alex D., Bucureşti

    The staff from Autoboca was more than generous to offer us cars to transport more than 40 bloggers from around the country to Piatra Neamt, and I said to myself that in life you have to try everything.”

  • Anne-Marie C., Bucureşti

    #At Horezu, event organized in partnership with Autoboca.

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