AutoBoca leasing operational

Primary advantages of Autoboca operational leasing packages

If you have a small or medium sized enterprise it is more advantageous to rent cars for long term than to buy them. Moreover, you have the following advantages:

  • Integral deductibility: the monthly installment is 100% fiscally deductible;
  • Zero advance: you do not make any initial investment, you can better finance the company activity;
  • Included RCA and CASCO insurances: you do not have any surprises from one year to another about the increase in insurance premium in case you had accidents during the previous years;
  • Complete maintenance: all revisions and repairs are included in the monthly installment;
  • Road assistance 24/7: we do not leave you alone in case of accident;
  • Replacement car: we provide a replacement car in case of accident or associated damages;
  • Without unforeseen costs: we pay all the road fees and taxes;
  • Included fees and taxes: we bear it integrally;
  • Car devaluation: we support in full the car's devaluation due to extensive use;
  • Cars from top auto producers: you will discover in Autoboca offers a wide range of cars;
  • Quick approval: you won't need banking scoring and use only minimal documentations to access our offers;
  • Transparency 100%: we do not like “asterisks” either, therefore our offer shall never comprise hidden fees or commissions.

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