Autoboca has the perfect solution for your business mobility, 24/7: 3SLease

Autoboca 3SLease for the business environment lends you support and offers you customized
rental services for a period of 1-12 months, 24/7. Discover welcoming cars and solutions
adapted to your needs and your business!

Long term rent - AVANTAJE


  • 0 maintenance costs;
  • 0 costs for third party liability insurance;
  • 0 vehicle registration fees and regular checks;
  • 0 road taxes;
  • Integral deductibility of the rental fee in the accounting books;
  • Easy administration of resources (fixed monthly costs);
  • Removing the efforts of fleet management (buying, taxes and fees, monitoring, maintenance, reselling etc.);
Long term rent - AVANTAJE


  • 100% availability and mobility, 24/7;
  • Roadside assistance;
  • Professional technical and logistic support 24/7;
  • Providing and storing the season tires;
  • GPS monitoring;
  • GPS navigation;
  • Child seat ;
  • Winter chains;
  • Rooftop cargo carrier;
  • Fuel management;
START Lease for startup companies
START Lease ico


It is a service perfect for start-up companies, namely those which are at the beginning and do not have the necessary resources to buy one or more cars necessary to carry out their activity.

The rental period is from 1 to 3 months. The contracts will be concluded without guarantee or anticipated termination fee.

SMALL Lease ico


It is a service aimed at legal entities which, out of various reasons, need temporary motility (they either carry out seasonal activities or run projects for a limited time, either want to test the market with a new activity or the cars from their own fleet are not available).

The rental period is from 3 to 6 months.

SMART Lease ico


It is a service thought especially for the companies with gradual profit, as those cooperating with the state, those running business projects with European financing or international companies intending to extend their activity on the territory of Romania.

The rental period is from 6 to 12 months.

Flexi Rent Pay As You Go

Flexi Rent – Pay As You Go

It is a service created for legal entities.

The renting period is for a year maximum, with at least 10 days a month. Clients have the possibility of opting for any type of car, in every AutoBoca locations, at any time. At the end of the renting period, there will be a calculation at a medium price, in accordance with the total number of days rented in a month.


Let us imagine that you rent Volkswagen Polo on a period of 5 days a month. This means that you will have to pay 75 Euro and VAT (5 days x 15 euro/per day and VAT).

Furthermore, you can also rent for another 5 days a Volkswagen Jetta that will have the standard cost of 100 euro + VAT, at a listing price of 20 euro/day + VAT (listing price available for renting periods from 1 to 6 days).

At the end of the month, the bill would be 175 euro + VAT.

If you opt for the Flexi Rent product, you would benefit from a price discount.

For the model Polo from Volkswagen and also for the model Jetta, the renting price per day will be calculated for the renting interval of 7 to 20 days (the 10 days amounted).

As a result, for 5 days of rent of the model Polo from Volkswagen, you will pay only 65 euro + VAT (13 euro/day + VAT – listing price available for renting periods from 7 to 20 days), and for Volkswagen Jetta you will pay only 95 euro + VAT (19 euro/day + VAT – listing price for renting periods from 7 to 20 days).

By using the Flexi Rent product the final fee will be of 160 euro + VAT.

Advantage: you will save 9% from the initial values owed, meaning 15 euro/month without VAT.

Are you convinced? See the cars you can also rent by operation lease! Visit the site.

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