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Anyone wants to rent a cheap and high quality car in Suceava, the former capital city of the historical province Moldavia. For pleasant urban adventures you need to ensure that you drive a good car. A rental car service requires professionalism, trained agents and accessible prices. Autoboca is the firm to trust when it comes to good cars and great prices. If you want to rent a reliable vehicle which you can drive without stress anytime, anywhere consider collaborating with us. We offer you the chance to travel in style in one of the most important historical city in Moldavia. You can enjoy every moment of the trip, especially if you manage to rent a car from us. Autoboca offers will surprise you – in a good way!

If want to travel with pleasure through the wonderful city of Suceava, it doesn’t hurt to have access to a trustworthy transport car. This is where our offers come in to help! We have cheap cars that can be rented without stress. In Suceava you will have many must see places, historical, cultural and artistic monuments. These promise to surprise and delight you. You have now the chance of renting a quality car which be used to reach any destination. We want to travel without stress anywhere you want!


Peugeot 208 or similar


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Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver

Extra Services

Excess Protection

SCDW was created to cover unpleasant events.View details
Attention! Insurance excess is not protected! Over 80% of Autoboca customers opt for SCDW.
15.00 € /day

Child seat

A requisite for the safety of your child, with a standard mounting system (ISOFIX).
3.00 €/day

Navigation system

Choose a satellite navigation system and your travel will be more comfortable and without inconveniences.
5.00 €/day

Snow chains

To avoid getting stuck on snowy roads.
0.00 €/day

Price from

52€ / day

Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver