Compact Car Rentals from Suceava, Romania

In Suceava city Autoboca offers access to good compact cars: rent smart today a reliable vehicle!

On countless occasions people tend to travel and discover new places with pleasure. Every time you are about to embark on journeys towards new and fascinating destinations, it is important to make sure that you have complete control of a good car. Those that want to travel without problems to new places want to know that the car they’re driving is of high quality. Nobody wants to be left stranding in the middle of the road because something went wrong with their cars. Autoboca has in Suceava city a generous fleet which includes many interesting compact cars. We invite you to learn more things about the compact cars that you can rent in Suceava from us!

Suceava is a small city in Bukovina but with a very interesting history. The former capital of Moldova, the city has become a magnet for tourists from all corners of Europe. Due to this continuous flux of tourists and people passionate about history and culture, Suceava is a touristic stepping stone. If you want to rent a car in order to move freely in different parts of the city, take a second to look at Autoboca offers. You won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer. Why don’t you take look?


Peugeot 5008 or similar


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Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver

Extra Services

Excess Protection

SCDW was created to cover unpleasant events.View details
Attention! Insurance excess is not protected! Over 80% of Autoboca customers opt for SCDW.
16.00 € /day

Child seat

A requisite for the safety of your child, with a standard mounting system (ISOFIX).
3.00 €/day

Navigation system

Choose a satellite navigation system and your travel will be more comfortable and without inconveniences.
5.00 €/day

Snow chains

To avoid getting stuck on snowy roads.
0.00 €/day

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73€ / day

Free benefits:

Booking changes

Theft insurance

Additional driver