Prolonged weekend 1 – 4 of December: Autoboca has new offers for you!

We find auto pleasures at prices for every budget: find a car in December without stress today! You will be amazed by our offers…

Sometimes national holidays bring free days and fresh opportunities to relax and have fun. These moments are more than welcomed, especially when somebody needs a little bit of vacation. During Romania’s national day – 1st of December – a lot of folks don’t work. Most Romanians have a day off and because it lands on a Thursday, the government decided that the following day to be free of work. This particular gift transformed one free of work day into a very special weekend. In theory the 2nd of December should be recovered on the 17th. Yet, as we all know, Romanians will take a day off then, in order to keep the holidays clean and without any fuss. Who wants to work near Christmas? The answer is nobody. Everyone is seduced by the smell of cooked goods and cinnamon, hovering everywhere in the air.

If you have something planned during this mini vacation, it doesn’t hurt to access a professional renting service. This is how you will be able to safely drive a good car wherever you want. You will be able to set a travel itinerary easier and without stress. There are many interesting offers that could catch your attention. Take advantage of some of them and go about your business today. At the end of the day why shouldn’t you take advantage of this occasion and start driving to any destination with a great car? Autoboca invites you to discover an advantageous offer for the prolonged weekend 1st of December to the 4th! Rent from us a good quality car, in accordance with your immediate transport necessities!

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