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Transylvania is one of the loveliest regions in Romania, being “home” for countless historical, cultural and artistic monuments. This particular region of our country seems to attract visitors from different countries. It has a special charm, which seems to grow wonderful stories and great historical tales here and there. As so many people pointed out, the central part of Romania appears to be quite a sight for sore eyes. Transylvania has become famous due to the novel “Dracula” written by ram Stoker in the year 1897. The story picked off and currently one of the most loved horror mystery book ever written. Bram Stoker managed to create a beautiful world, with vampires, British loyal servants and twists and turns at every corner. In this world of mystery and thriving horror elements, the whole action revolves around Count Dracula. This character is known to millions of people around the world. You should also know that the character is based on a real personality: Vlad Tepes.

On a curious note: a high percentage of Americans believe that Transylvania is a real country, covered constantly by mist and populated by thousands of bats. Needless to say, things are not like that. It took a long time for people to separate myth from reality. The popularity of Bram Stoker’s novel has set the basis for a long term confusion. In the present the number of people that believe in the existence of Transylvania as a real state has diminished.

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