Special autumn offer: Autoboca present for online reservations of minimum 150 and 300 euros


In the last month of autumn, Autoboca offers clients that reserve cars online for a minimum of 150 or 300 euros FREE fuel – as a thank you gift!

If you decide to use our car renting services in the last month of autumn, you will receive a little gift: fuel for all the trips you’re about to take on. Autoboca offers access to great cars and now, if you reserve for a minimum of 150 euros, you will get from us half of tank with fuel. More than that, if you reserve online for a minimum of 300 euros, we offer you as a gift a full tank of fuel. Sounds like a pretty good deal, no? We want you to travel with pleasure on the busy streets of Romania and enjoy everything that you see. Besides the top quality of the welcoming cars and exclusive extra services, Autoboca also offers fuel as a gift!

You should also know that in the last months of 2016, Autoboca has low prices for every online reservation with full or partial payment! Right alongside these low prices we also offer fuel as a gift. Take advantage of this offer to drive a good welcoming car and save some money!