Would you spend Christmas in Vatra Dornei Romania?

Spend winter in Romania today and discover Vatra Dornei in a pleasant manner!

If you are looking for a special place to spend your winter holidays, consider Romania as a viable travel destination. Why? Well, there are many beautiful places in Romania that would bring to light the true spirit of winter holidays. The picturesque nature of Carpathian Mountains and the Sub-Carpathian represent points of interest for people that love nature. It is not surprising to see certain mountain resorts and cities from Romania occupying top spots in travel magazine charts. People want to discover new and exciting places, far from the things that they know. This is probably why in the last couple of years a lot of tourists choose the Northern mountain resorts in Romania as their holiday spots. One of the most popular travel destinations is Bukovina.

Why do so many people come to Bukovina? This is a beautiful Romanian region that impresses with amazing culinary delights, warm people, welcoming hosts, stunning landscapes and countless outdoor activities. There is a special kind of fascination that lingers on. Travelers want to immerse themselves in a live story that unfolds in front of them. Bukovina has this amazing ability; to become a living memory, one that’s hard to forget. There are so many things to do here and you won’t have to worry about dealing with boredom. Tourists love the north east part of Romania because they know that here they’ll always find beautiful mountain resorts and towns with traditional vibes.