The guarantee

The guarantee is a pre-established amount, a deposit that you give to the rental agent, based on invoice and receipt, to cover the possible partial damages that could occur during the rental period.

In case damages do not occur, then the amount will be returned integrally when you return the car.

Usually, for any rented car you have to pay a guarantee, but there is also another solution, which saves you from the worry of the guarantee: the excess insurance.

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Excess insurance

If you do not want to block a certain amount giving it as a guarantee, then you can choose the complementary insurance, also named the excess insurance.

This insurance is an amount that you pay in addition, daily, depending on the rented car.

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SCDW Autoboca

  • SCDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver

This insurance discharges you of any financial liability in case of damages. Namely you are completely exempt from financial liability. The daily value of SCDW is established depending on the car class.

Always hit the road making sure that everything will be ok!